How To Register

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How To Register

Post by CLHCC on Sun Nov 29, 2015 12:58 am

Follow this instruction for registration:

*** Use your REAL NAME as your forum name ***
Example: Pauldavid or Julia_David or Paul David or Julia David

Note: You can use this Link if you can't see the Registration Button:

1.) Click

2.) Click

3.) Put the details (Note: put an active email you use)

Then Click Save

4.) Put the details: (repeat the password you use in first textbox, and copyt the code)

Then Click Save

Note: Wait for the Approval of the Administration. Then you can now use the Forum Smile

If Error occured: (cannot register?)
1.) If you are using a PC (Personal Computer) / Laptop using any browser just do this:

a.) Hit Ctrl+Shift+Del button in your PC, it will go to this page:

Click "Clear browsing data", Then try to register again Smile

2.) If you are using an Android, CellPhone, or any gadgets.
Just go to the SETTINGS > APPS > Google Browser(or Any Browser you use) > Hit "Clear Data" , the data of browser you used.

GOD Bless Smile



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